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Key Cutting iconLosing your home or car keys can be a troubling experience. Though this is probably something that has once happened to you, there is actually no need to worry much when you lose your keys. We have professional key cutting locksmiths who will prepare a new set of keys for you within the shortest time possible.

Key cutting Blackpool is a locksmith service that basically deals with duplication of keys. This is something that everyone should do in order to avoid the dilemma that one faces when they lose their keys. Key cutting is the primary endeavor involved with duplication of keys.

We have different machines that are used in the process. All of them are used on specific keys and for certain results. The tubular keys that are used with tubular locks can only be cut using a certain machine that we have in our workshop. This type of key is rare and if you own one, you can always call us to make duplicates for you.

The basic key cutting procedure is the same in all the machines. The original key is placed on one side while the blank is on the other side of the machine. The locksmith then guides the machine to make the duplicate.

After the key cutting procedure, excess metal are scrubbed off the surface of the duplicate in a process called deburring. If keys don’t pass through this process, they may accidentally cut the holder, become faulty or jam inside the door lock.

So in case you haven’t created key duplicates of your house keys, what are you going to do when you lose your house keys? There are many locksmiths that offer duplicate services but you can never use an obscure technician to create a key that allows the holder access to your home. We offer professional key cutting services that are done by people of high integrity and training.

Keys are gates into our houses and lives. In case you get your home keys cut by a wayward fellow, you are risking a lot more. Call our key cutting locksmith Blackpool and get your keys ready in less than an hour. We only produce one copy of keys unless directed to produce more by the owner. If anything ever happens to your house, you know where to start looking for a key cutting locksmith in Blackpool.

We offer 24/7 key cutting locksmith services in case you lose your home keys and don’t have a spare set. We have a fast response and will get to your location minutes after your call. Our assistance is immediate and on site and you won’t even feel the inconvenience of losing your keys.

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